Blog Entry #026 – Low:r

Low:r – taking things high:r and high:r with every manoeuvre. A key artist on highly respected labels such as Galacy, Liquicity, Spearhead, Soulvent and Program, his funk-fired, soul-packed signature has become more and more of a prominent flavour on the drum & bass menu since his first release in 2016.

Rooted in the rudiments, Ben Downton has always lived a musical life. As an accomplished violin player, and a member of the West Sussex Strings, he performed in cathedrals and churches across the UK throughout his teens. Swapping the bow for the bass guitar, he then played in various bands before electronic music, bass culture and the allure of the studio took over his life.Inspired by the music’s strong sense of community, and driven to constantly rise to the never-ending challenge of production, he first cut his teeth as a dubstep DJ before he developed the Low:r alias you see and hear today.

With a name taken from a factory test unit, and an industrial strength sense of ambition and creativity to match, the Low:r sound is playfully unpredictable and dynamic but consistently charged with a widescreen sense of mischief and musicality. This is reflected both in his scene-supported releases and his DJs sets, which have ranged from shows at the iconic Brixton Electric to the renowned Liquicity Festival, Holland.

With the bookings matching his ever-expanding sound, and spreading further around the D&B-loving globe, Low:r has become a significant member of the new-generation of artists pushing the culture into exciting new directions. With each release growing in size and scale, expect the Low:r sound to become more prominent as we move into the future. Let’s take things high:r.

Latest releases – ‘Beautiful Dreamer’ EP is out now on Spearhead Records Link to buy >>>

Gig guide
Liquicity Festival @ Geestmerambacht (Netherlands) – 15th to 18th July

1 Aydn, ES.Kay – Through the Dark (Low:r Remix)
2 Screamarts – Hide and Seek
3 Oakwite – Chlorophyll
4 Total Science, Break – Blame You
5 Loz Contreras – Baby It’s You
6 Cnof – Soul Hero
7 Mountain – I’m Free (feat. Kojo)
9 Tantrum Desire – Slay
10 Millbrook, Nova Sky – Choices (feat. Nova Sky)
11 Low:r & Blooom – I Got You’re Love
12 Nectax – Babylon Get Weak (feat. Parly B)
13 Waeys & Molecular – Powerstream
14 Low:r – Stuck inside
15 Vektah – Every Time
16 Tweakz & Duktuz – Funk 5000
17 SiLi – FONK
18 Submorphics – Long Been Gone
19 Low:r – Beautiful Dreamer
20 Aydn – Beneath
21 GLXY – Cylindrical
22 GROUND – Hydroponic
23 Lowr & Hiraeth – Stay
24 Future Cut – Busted (Submotive Remix)
25 Stamina MC, Lily Allen, Shy FX – Roll The Dice (feat. Stamina MC & Lily Allen)
26 Ownglow – LA
27 Low:r – Be There Ft. A Little Sound
28 Beeson – Brown Sugar
29 Hiraeth x Lowr – Dark Heart
30 Low:r – I can See
31 SiLi – I Need You (Hyukari Remix)
32 Low:r – Get Movin’ VIP
33 Actriser – Flight Path (Remix Aperio & Low:r)
34 Villem – Last One Standing (feat. Tom Wardle)
35 In:Most, Ruth Royall – Back to The Sun feat. Ruth Royall